There are many types of repair companies with different specialties, some concentrate on working with manufacturers and others offer services direct to the public. At GRS we specialize in providing repair services purely to Insurance companies and distance ourselves from manufacturers for very good reason; massive conflict of interest! To an Insurance company every Gadget repaired is a unit not replaced and therefore resulting in a lower cost per claim, however to a manufacturer every Gadget repaired is a Gadget not sold, hence manufacturers often make it difficult to repair Gadgets through the creation of unnecessary audit standards and control on parts into the aftersales markets.

GRS are not under any manufacturers control and are therefore free to source parts on the open market which are often OEM and cheaper! Where non-OEM parts are the only alternative and providing they are not a branded component, they can be legitimately sourced and with the strict QA controls GRS employs, quality of repair is maintained, so much so that all work carried out by GRS offers a 6 to 12 month warranty.

Maximum repair ratios, minimal returns and the fastest turn around times are the three key performance indicators GRS measures daily, with our own dedicated buying teams in the UK, Europe and Asia we can always offer the most competitive pricing.