When Gadgets cannot be repaired they are traditionally sold off into the scrap markets. This leaves both money on the table whilst exposing Insurance companies and their claimants to risk of data leaks. We often hear it said; “we are not at risk, all our handsets are data cleared prior to sale” this may be so, but rarely is thought given as to how this process can work when Gadgets do not power up? AT GRS we take no chances, all data carrying components from Gadgets that do not power up are removed and shredded on site, these Gadgets never leave the building and hence GRS takes ownership of the problem providing its insurers with the peace of mind its claimants data is safe. Gadgets that can power on but not be repaired will undergo full data clearance before being sold on behalf of the Insurer and subsequent revenues generated back into the scheme.

However, as traditionally only 70-80% of Gadgets can be repaired leaving a possible 20% write off, GRS have now developed their own in house refurbishment facilities meaning that all Beyond Economic Repair handsets will be stripped down and reconstructed back into ‘A’Grade units, back caseworks and glass will be re-polished & new parts added where necessary, resulting in fewer units written off and lower cost per claim to the scheme.