Gadget Repair Solutions is a specialist in ‘Out of Warranty’ repair and refurbishment of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, kindles and in fact almost any small electronic handheld device. With years of experience the management can deliver tailor-made solutions to support almost any insurance scheme and through its unique processes ‘Cost per Claim’ is invariably reduced with no compromise in service on claimant needs and choices.

Offering repair success rates on accidental damaged handsets as high as 91% on certain models we pride ourselves on a unique and unrivaled service, with automated booking on systems our partners claimants enjoy end to end turn-around times averaging a rapid 3.2 working days with engineering failure managed through a strict QA process as low as 1.3%. Fantastic on-line management information is readily available to our customers through secure access to our web based MI construction tools. Indeed, we view our resource merely as an outsourced extension of our insurers claims department and much of our working culture mirrors that of our customers including all FSA third party supplier obligations such as extensive fraud detection abilities; including customer audit trails, full call recording, photographic evidence and data capture. Furthermore, absolute commitment is made to work within a ‘License to Trade’ environment in order that the company delivers on its fundamental principle of being open and transparent in their business relationships.

With major contracts being serviced across Europe such as Allianz, SPB, BeValued, AftersalesNL, Solid Forsakringar, all companies providing insurance services to the Gadget market; our extensive knowledge of repair and cost management truly qualifies us to use the term ‘Specialist’ a name often misused these days.

Today the company is focused on its core values; which are to reduce ‘Cost per Claim’ for its business partners whilst always ensuring the benefits to its customers claimants are of the highest standards and accommodating of their needs. Consistent review of process and procedures ensure the slightest of adjustments are not overlooked if they provide customer benefits. In Summary :-

  • Out of warranty insurance repair specialist
  • Between 70% & 91% repair success
  • Only 1.3% engineering failure
  • Rapid turn around times
  • Focused on reducing our partners ‘Cost per Claim’
  • Commitment to TCF principles
  • Any make & model catered for
  • Claimant fraud detection services
  • Secure data management
  • FSA third party supplier conformity
  • Commitment to consistent improvement
  • European-wide customer base

If you would like to investigate the benefits of working with a truly specialized team, consult the ‘Contact Us’ section of this web site and ask for a free consultation.